Sunday Worship


Above: Miki and Dezs┼Ĺ.



Above: Tonight we were thankful for Andi, Hugi and Gabor being able to attend church tonight as we have not seen them for some time. We studied John chapter 6 together where Jesus feeds the 5000. We learned that Jesus commands that we follow Him and make following Him first priority in our lives. In the midst of following Him, we can trust in His promise to provide for our needs. We also learned that Jesus can take any amount entrusted to Him and turn it into an abundance that brings blessing to others. Instead of focusing on what we don't have or what we can't do, we should rather focus on following Jesus making ourselves available to Him.

After tonight's teaching, Gabi and Hugi offered their help to those serving in our VBS. They also came to help us after service make final preparations at the camp grounds. Gabi just lost his job, and I believe through the teaching tonight was motivated to give to Jesus his time and possession, even if he doesn't have much. Please pray for Gabi and Hugi to come to fully understand the Gospel and God's love.

Tomorrow is the first day of our VBS! Please pray for the following:

1. The sign-in process. That we would be able to efficiently get the children to the right teachers and walk up to the camp grounds safely.
2. A bonding to happen among the children. Please pray especially for acceptance of those coming from Romania who could easily be made fun of for their accent and 'different background.
3. For those teaching classes to have wisdom when teaching and watching over their specific group of children for the day.
4. For the children to be free from distraction when we present biblical truths.
5. For Erika (and Allen) who will be meeting with a few parents who will be attending camp.

The first day is usually one of the hardest, as we all get aquatinted with each other and with the daily schedule. We appreciate your prayers and look forward with you to seeing how God will use this VBS for His glory.
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