Above: The Hungarian kids from Romania gave a special performance today and even taught some of us how to dance afterwards (or at-least attempted to teach us how to dance.)


Above: Nobody can beat Dezső's mother's cooking! She prepared Goulash soup for the masses today.

Today, was the closing ceremony for VBS in Petőfibánya. Thank all of you who have prayed for us over this past week. Please praise God with us for the following answers to prayer:

Parents who attended said that their kids would come home and excitedly talk about what happened the whole day. The kids made sure that their parents knew that they were having a great time. This year, it seemed that all the kids were connected with others and there didn't seem to be anyone that was 'left out'. Last year many of the boys were reluctant to sing. This year, the same boys were totally into singing (even singing louder than the girls). Praise God for a change of heart in the boys. Praise Him for using this VBS to increase the awareness the local body of believers that meet in Petőfibánya.

Many of the kids asked, "Where will we be next year?" Some asked if we would be doing a camp where they would also sleep at the campgrounds. Julika said that other Christian organizations would definitely have those type of camps. They all replied that they would just rather be with us. We praise God for allowing us to connect with these kids even though there were over 90 of them. We praise God for all of those who sacrificially served in camp this year in unity and love for God's glory.

Today in Éva's group, the conversation about Heaven continued. As they talked about 'The Book' that would be in heaven, one of the kids named Ádám said, "What is written in it?" Other kids blurted out, "The Bible." Éva corrected them and said that names are written in the book. Ádám said, "Is my name written in it?" At that moment all the scurrying of papers and chatter stopped. The whole group began paying attention. Éva was given an opportunity to explain what needs to happen for our name to be written in this book. She is quite sure that Ádám is pondering these things. Please pray that God would minister to Ádám and give him understanding in this time of seeking. Praise God for stirring the hearts of children that they would seek to know the Way.



Above: Dezső and Marcsi's group

Children followed the story and the verse memorization so closely that you only needed to ask them, "What did we learn on Monday?" They knew what happened each day, and they remembered which verses we memorized on which days. Dezső awarded a Bible to one of his kids who was best in behavior and in learning each day. Dezső praised him for behaving so well this year and contrasted it with how last year it was a constant struggle for most of the boys to behave. Encouragement is something this culture is sorely lacking. Dezső said the child unexpectedly embraced him and was nearly crying. Afterwards, Dezső was able to give some basic teaching about how to read the Bible and find the verses we memorized throughout the week.


Above: Four of the children from Miki's small group who prayed to receive Jesus yesterday requested Bibles. Miki was able to introduce them to the basics of reading the Bible. For most of them, this is the first time they have ever had their own Bible to read. Praise God for the gift of His Gospel. Praise Him for His word being given to children, and for the children's interest in studying His word.


Above: Over 20 parents and hosting families came today. One of the adults, Eszter, was amazed at how our church does everything right and works well as a team. She claims to be an atheist but interestingly enough has a religious background. Eszter battles within herself with the struggle of being an atheist because she always feels as if something is missing. After our adult Bible study that Erika led, Eszter was in tears. Zsuzsa got to explain how God is the source of love and is seeking those who want to become His children through Jesus Christ. Please pray for Eszter to take new steps to seek truth and to put her faith in Jesus Christ.


Above: Many of the families that have hosted the Romanian Hungarian children came to our closing day of VBS. Many of them commented on how impressed they were with our camp. One couple, after listening in on the children's small group commented that the kids received more important truths in our camp than they do the whole year at home.

Another hosting family said that one of their kids just did not talk in front of others. They were amazed that at the end of the week, she said all of the verses we memorized throughout the week out loud successfully. Praise God for helping this child to speak, and using the love and encouragement from those serving in camp to help her.

Dezső got to connect with an older hosting couple who attended today. After satisfying their curious questions like, "Who is organizing his?" "How does it work?" They exchanged numbers and addresses and also asked for a New Testament. At one point in the conversation, they asked, "Where do you get all of your energy." Dezső said that they sensed the love from the workers and could only say, "It comes from God." When Dezső walked the rest of the campers back to the community center, he found the older couple waiting for him. They needed another Bible since one of their sponsored kids requested one as well.

God has done amazing things in this camp. We are so thankful to have been given this privilege to preach the gospel to this young generation. We hope that the seeds planted over this past week will bear fruit. Thank all of you for your support!


Above: Zoli taking a power nap in the afternoon. Please pray that all who served in this year's VBS would get the rest that they need. Many of them, including Allen will be serving in an English camp which begins on Wednesday. We would not have planned two intense ministries back to back like this, but because of the visiting children from Romania to this year's VBS, it was the only time frame in which we could accommodate them. We really need rest and want to be ready to give our all by Wednesday!

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