On the Late Autumn Trail

On Saturday our family hiked one of our favorite trails. The leaves are gone from the trees now, save a few determined branches holding on to the last little stragglers. While I love the lush, green fullness of the trail in summer, it’s beautiful this time of year as well. The sunshine hits the trunks and branches of the trees … Continue reading

Like the Mower, Mom.


The kids were very concerned about my cough and wavering voice this morning (I’m getting over a cold.) “I don’t think you’ll be able to do a full day of school, Mom,” they remarked. When I questioned the motives of their concern, DS stated that their motives were “self propelled.” :-)

The Big One-Zero

I can’t believe my little boy is ten years old. Journaling from this page (scrapbooked back in 2005) reads: “I remember this moment. You and I snuggled close. You had just taken some of your first steps. I will always hold this time of your life close to my heart.” November 2001 I still remember those first steps like they … Continue reading

Welcome, 2011!

We’ve had a lovely Christmas break. We capped it all off with a sleepover last night at Bob’s parent’s house. Now we have one more day off and then we’re back to our regularly scheduled (or is it not-so-scheduled?) homeschool and life. I have a few resolutions this year. My goal is to blog more often, get back into scrapbooking … Continue reading