August Update


Wow, where did the summer go? Where did our children go? As parents, we enter a new season of great changes with three of our four kids now attending school away from home. In the rushing current of all this change, we have Jesus as the anchor of our souls. He is the unchanging faithful foundation of our lives. His love is steady. His presence always gives us reason to be encouraged and thankful.

What a time in the U.S. We experienced so much generosity and love from our family in Christ. We are blessed with your care and the various ways you have provided for us while in the States.

Bible Camp in Petofibánya


We were overjoyed to get updates from Hungary as our church held VBS in our hometown of Petofibánya the last week of July. There were 150 kids that attended and lots of volunteers to help throughout the week. We praise God that the church united once again with servant hearts and grew spiritually as they set a week aside to serve the children in the community.



Please pray for the growth of seeds of the gospel that have been planted and for parents to be drawn to Jesus through their children. Pray also for rest and restoration for our national partners and church volunteers after an intense week of outreach.




Bogi (pictured top left serving food), gave us this update while serving at camp: “I just wanted to highlight in connection with the VBS camp how great it was to see the teen helpers. They were willing to work and serve in a humble way. I honestly think that physically they work the most: They walk with the kids in the morning, then a group of them help with music, a few of them are involved in the main teachings, then they serve snacks. During the small group time they often had to lead the activities. Free time activities were obviously their responsibilities, they served lunch, then led the late-afternoon activities. And because it's their summer holiday as well, they stayed up late so that they could also spend some quality time together as a team, as friends, and so on. All in all, it was encouraging to see them: they used to be campers, kids who made their decisions choosing Christ and now they are His children. ”— Bogi




Many of these teens that helped at VBS are now attending a camp designed to minister to them. We believe God is raising up in our midst future believing parents, leaders, evangelists and pastors. Please pray for these young men and women to flourish in their faith and continue to pursue Jesus and His will for their lives.



Just a few weeks ago, Elianna joined Allen for a mission focused gathering entitled “Encounter” at Pioneers’ base in Florida. The weekend was designed to give those interested in going into missions a place to interact with experienced missionaries serving in various fields. I (Allen) participated in round table talks and one-on-one meetings seeking to encourage and answer specific questions young men and women had on their journey to step into cross-cultural missions work.



There were great panel discussions with missionaries sharing answers to questions texted in by attendees such as: What was most difficult? How did God confirm your calling? Describe the process of church planting where you are serving? We also heard various testimonies of how God is at work in different hard to reach nations in amazing ways. The presentation material also aimed to give a realistic picture of the difficulty for those stepping into missions. It is not an easy journey, but it is a journey where we experience God’s miraculous work through us as His ambassadors.


It was a blessing to be together with my daughter Elianna as she is on her own journey exploring next steps towards missions. I was thankful that she could hear the testimony of multiple missionaries, the challenges, the struggles and the deep sense of privilege they all feel being invited by God to join Him in His amazing work to reach the nations.

Helping Ellie move to Chicago


Things are just a bit bigger here than in our small village in Hungary. Our family had a great time together exploring Chicago and helping Elianna get settled in her dorm room. Years ago, as I spent a year in grad school at Moody, Sharon and I were in these same buildings preparing to go oversees. What a blessing to see God at work in Ellie’s heart as He sends out a new generation.



Above: We were blessed to briefly catch up with missionary friends we have known oversees who also now attend school in Chicago.


Above: This is going to be a BIG transition for Ellie and we ask you to pray for her to establish great relationships with new friends and to be strengthened spiritually as she studies God’s word and has new experiences in ministry in the city.


Special guest from Hungary

Ben’s girlfriend Niki (pictured above) from Hungary, joined our family for two weeks at the end of July. This was our first time meeting and we enjoyed getting to know her and trust her time spent with our family was a blessing.

Good memories


Above: "Uncle" Ed showing our daughter Ziva his amazing rock collection. Ziva loved learning interesting facts about the collection from all over the world. Ed is one of a handful of BVBC members who has traveled to Hungary and still can hold his own with pronouncing Hungarian words.


Above: Ziva and Elianna hangin out with the Parnell family. Being back, it was great to get to know families we had not known previously at BVBC.


Above: Kira receiving her novice driver magnet after getting her provisional driver’s license in the US. Much of our time has been spent helping Ben, Elianna and Kira practice driving as obtaining a drivers license in the US is a much less complicated system compared to Hungary. Kira plans to hang her magnet in her room at BFA in Germany.

Family Goodbyes




Above: Saying goodbye for now to grandpa and grandma

Soon after saying our goodbyes to Elianna in Chicago it was time for Sharon to return to Hungary with Ziva and Kira while I (Allen) will be remaining in the U.S. until October.


Above: Sharon back in Hungary with Erika (our Hungarian partner in ministry)

Sharon arrived safely and thankfully retrieved all her luggage. The day after arriving in Hungary, Sharon took Kira to our church's end of summer youth group camp (pic below) where Kira spent the night and was able to reconnect and say temporary goodbyes to some of her close friends she has known for years.


On Sunday, Sharon will travel to Germany with Ziva and Kira to help Kira move into BFA Christian Boarding School. Thank you for praying and for your financial gifts that have brought us to raising three quarters of what we'll need for her entire school year! We are very thankful that what we felt convicted about as the best possible environment for Kira's education and spiritual growth is becoming a reality by God's grace.

After a few days of getting oriented with Kira's school in Germany, Sharon heads back to Hungary to get Ziva started in 5th grade. With all of this travel and transition for our kids, we ask you to continue to pray for our family.

Above: Family shot high above Chicago

Ways you can pray
— For Elianna's transition to living in the big city at Moody Bible in Chicago.
— For Kira's transition to living at BFA in Germany and the remainder of her tuition to come in. (Info here:
— For Ziva's transition to living without loving big sisters in the house that have been great friends over the years.
— For Sharon and Allen as they will be apart until they are reunited in October.
— For seeds from summer camps to flourish in children and teens hearts and for God to raise up a new generation to continue to proclaim the Gospel as ambassadors of Christ.

Time to purchase a vehicle


No, this is not the car I drive in Hungary. Actually I sold the vehicle we have used for ministry before returning to the U.S. with hopes of raising money to purchase a newer vehicle when I returned to Hungary. If you are able and would like to give toward this need for a vehicle here are a few ways to give:

You can donate to us directing via PayPal to [email protected] or by check made out to Allen Mercer, 403 Cleveland Ave., Talleyville DE, 19803. This will not be a tax-deductible gift. Just indicate on the memo that this donation is for a vehicle.

You can donate through Pioneers through our account for a tax-deductible receipt, and just let us know (but please don’t write this on your support check) that it is for help with the vehicle. 12% of that gift goes towards a standard organization fee for Pioneers. You can give by clicking here: “SUPPORT INFO

Thanks for continuing to partner with us in prayer and giving. You are a continual encouragement to our family! May the Lord bless you with peace as you continue to put your trust in Him.

July update


Above: Vacation with my two brothers Bob and Sam and their families at Ocean City.


Above: Surprise visit to Matt and Karen who live very close to Allen's parent's house.

Ministry update at BVBC

Dear friends, we wanted to extend an invitation for you to join us as we will be sharing about our ministry at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church this Sunday, July 17th in the downstairs fellowship hall at both 9:00am and also the 10:30am class time. Sharon and I would love to see you in person and look forward to giving you an update about God’s work in Hungary. BVBC church’s address is: 7 Mount Lebanon Road, Wilmington, DE 19803.

planting seeds

Changes ahead

Life as missionaries is a life of many transitions. God moves us from one ‘field’ to planting us in another in changing seasons. This can create new challenges especially for our children and we ask that you pray for them as they enter some of the biggest transitions in their lives in 2022. Elianna will be beginning her first year in college. Sounds normal enough, but even though Ellie is American, she grew up in the small village culture of Hungary. This will be a dramatic change and we ask that you lift her up as she begins her first year at Moody Bible in Chicago with a desire to prepare for life in missions.


We continue to move forward with plans for Kira to attend Black Forest Academy in Germany, however we have not yet raised enough support for her first school year’s tuition ($16,000). Our first big deadline is July 30th when we are required to make our first payment to the school. It would tremendously help us to know if you are thinking of helping so that we could make decisions about next steps. Kira and Ellie have been best friends for years and what a change this will bring to Kira’s life as she begins adjusting to living in Germany and finding new friends and a local ‘family’. We deeply believe this is the best option for providing the spiritual and educational support she needs at this stage of her life.

Giving info about helping Kira get to BFA:

And let’s not forget our little Ziva who has grown up experiencing the love, help and friendship of her sisters who will no longer be in the same house. Ziva will go from being one of three girls in the home to an only child in experience. May all of these changes draw us closer to Jesus and would you join us in praying for His merciful provision and protection in all of the change. His generosity exceeds our imagination and His faithfulness has never failed us!

Upcoming schedule
  • Mercers sharing about their ministry Sunday, July 17th at BVBC fellowship hall at 9:00 and 10:30. (7 Mount Lebanon Road, Wilmington, DE 19803)
  • Allen teaching on the atheistic world view Sunday, July 24th at BVBC fellowship hall at 9:00 and 10:30.
  • Allen preaching at Bible Fellowship Church of Newark Sunday, July 31st at 10:00. (808 Old Baltimore Pike).

Above: Happy Birthday Ben (who turned 21 July 1st). Ben, Ellie and Kira are currently preparing to get their driver's licenses as this process is much less complicated in the U.S. as compared to Hungary. We hope to see you in person soon and share how God has been at work in northeastern Hungary.